When clients engage Addwealth301, a clear six-step process helps to guide work and relationship progress.


1.Listening, observing and exploring

We help clients think broadly and intuitively where they want to focus on specific needs, concerns and priorities. Our approach based on “fact finding form” where we seek and listen to the ideas of our clients.


2. Preliminary analysis

Based on all ideas and inputs, we help clients focus on those issue that are most important for their business, family, executives and employees.


3. Defining priorities and goals

In coordination with other advisor, we define what clients want to achieve and describe how we plan to help them, with clear timelines and responsibilities.


4. Team identification, coordination and analysis

We deploy resources of Addwealth301 to access the knowledge and guidance clients need, including close coordination with their other advisors.

We develop analysis to help clients consider a variety of options.


5. Evaluating and recommending implementation options

We work with clients to choose specific strategies that are aligned with clients priorities.


6. Implementation and continuing support

We mobilize our team and the extensive resources of Addwealth301 advisors to put planning into action, with coordination among any partners, family members or key advisors whom clients designate.