Our primary of objective is to help our clients meet their long-term financial goal.

• Cash And Investment Management

The first step of your financial management is to understand your flow of money in your life ,both incoming and outgoing. A pool of money does not create wealth.  A steady cash flow combined with a sound financial plan does. You have the ability to control the amount you spend. Understanding your earnings and spending habits is like an umbrella over your future plan . Here are six steps to understanding your spending habits and balancing them with your income :

1. Note your net income.
2.Track your spending.
3.Set your goals.
4.Make a plan.
5. Adjust your habits ( if necessary).
6. Keep checking in.



Sustainable income in retirement is necessary and it comes from assured sources that can generate reliable cash flow. This includes government pensions, private pensions, and investments (with a high degree of certainty). There is no one-size fits all to you and your family, so our solution is to craft a custom plan based on your ideal future.


 Asset Allocation

With your input, Addwealth301 will develop your financial plan base an your risk-tolerance , time horizon , asset allocation, investment selection and rebalancing criteria.


• Tax Strategic

Tax ministration strategies help process your future. Addwealth301 will guide you in allocating your investments. In the most tax efficient manner and help gather information to assist you for annual tax preparation.


• Insurance

Our policy? Finding a policy that fits you. Your needs. Your Like. Together we look af the option,
examines the choice, all the implication of each product within the big picture of your plans. Then we
collaborate to determine what protects you the most today and in the long term. Our Insurance Expertise

 Life insurance
 Disability
 CI insurance
 Long term health care plan
 Personal umbrella / excess
 Credit life
 Annuity
 Endowment for pension
 Investment link
 General insurance : home, office, automobile, etc.


Estate Planning

Proper legacy planning helps preserve the future of your financial and the decision you’ve made for your money. We will work with you to ensure the documents are set up properly and our estate attorney.


• Business Succession

You can’t predict your children future but you can prepare for it. Your succession plan could envision keeping your business within your family but you must carefully check with the family members that they have the same desire and passion for the business as you do. A good plan covers both the financial details and and human-resources aspects and with good succession planning, employees or family members are ready for new leadership role.


• Financial And Retirement Planning

To help you prepare for the future, we listen to your needs and your desired life style when you retire. We determine an appropriate portfolio distribution rate, together decide if and when an income stream is needed from your portfolio and propose an efficient distribution strategy.