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I accredited MBA FChFp ChLP and founded Addwealth301 Co.,Ltd in 1997 and was very successful as an insurance agent ,awarded Hall Of Fame and Manager Of The Year from AIA . I believe this is the best practice on how we service our clients to the excellence. We then move forward to comprehensive financial plan that can provide a road map towards greater financial and emotional well-being.
Our process entails providing financial planning and we focus on helping your business and your family to achieve your most important financial goals.
With our wealth management expert team , we can take you through a defined process to develop a wealth strategy best suited for you. We will also look after your financial risk which is also our concern to you.
Now that you established your business , your career and your reputation for quality work, you have to start thinking about your long-term financial goals.

We are here to assist you.
Welcome to our superb service and careful advisory.
We are looking forward to hearing from you !