Who We Serve

Addwealth301 team observe successful industrial and familiar seeking protection and wealth
accumulation , Our clients come from all walks of life including.
• Professional .
• Successful business owners and executive.
• Families with generational wealth .
Our client all have and think in common: the desire to take contract of there financial future and to work with trusted team.
Our mission is to respect their privacy, seek their goods. Serve the unique needs and lead them to their path of confidence in life.

Business Consulting Team

Our team of seasoned problem solving experts will be by your side, providing personal service and support your business identify. We are committed to charting your path to ensure.

The Right Fit

We begin by getting to know your business, needs and challenges. Then we research the latest trends and options, collaborate with you to find the best options and work to keep your employees engaged and your goals on track. We can save your time, money and eliminate headaches.

Service Overviews

• Group Insurance Benefits : Medical , dental , life , disability

• Self – funded plan designs.

• Pension

• Investment